The Hope of the Curated Soul


Here's what I'm working for.


To change the personal growth and development industry to focus first on meaning instead of desires, goals, or relief.

To increase meaning in the world by destroying the lie that personal development is an interest or hobby for the ambitious and driven.

To frame soul-suffering as a call to grow in particular forms of meaning, acknowledging intense emotions while freeing us from slavery to them or desperation in them.

To make seeking meaning easier, clearer, and a lot more effective by creating a whole, connected, and logical process. 

I named this work The Curated Soul because everything I create is designed to cut out the voices, thoughts, and beliefs that have no meaning and to better integrate and showcase those that do. I want my soul filled with and shaped by only unshakable and lasting truth.

I am becoming a curated soul. If you are too, you're someone I want to know. 

Keep seeking,



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