How to Exploit the Thing That Drives You CRAZY

How to Exploit the Thing that Drives You CRAZY.

Maybe you’re very clear about what your talents are or maybe you have a sense of them, but struggle to really define them. Either way, you have aspects of your being that give you an ability to gain particular insight to share with others.

And someday it’s going to make you face-palm.

Where you are talented you will experience three important things in your life:

1.  An ability to sniff out anything that conflicts with your talent.

The musician with perfect pitch hears the sour note more readily and clearly than anyone else.

2.  A cringing or recoiling from anything within your own soul that represents the antithesis of your talent.

The cheerful, hopeful, positive soul can’t stand being “a downer” who lacks smiling-hope and enthusiasm.

3.  Foils. Probably lots of them. That is, experiences directly contrary to the abilities inherent in your talent.

The wise woman encounters the depths of foolishness. The excellent mother is tragically bereft of her children. The one with deep integrity is severely defrauded. The artist is plagued with fears of self-expression.

We’re often conscious of the effects of being foiled. We get frustrated, angry, even indignant that things aren’t the way they should be. Our insight into how things would be, should be, could be, butts up against how things will be, are, and will continue if something doesn’t change. We can end up feeling both deeply hindered and very discouraged.

But when you become conscious of the power of being foiled, everything can change.

Being foiled is a chance to leverage and develop your talent. When your talent is excited by dissonance, repulsed by hypocrisy within, or thwarted by contrast without, it’s an opportunity to further advance your talent, deepen your insight, and clarify your self-expression.

When you hear those sour notes, recoil at the paradox in your own soul, or are hindered at a deep level, change the nature of your questions. If you are a wise woman surrounded by foolishness, stop asking, “What is wise in this case or that case?” and begin to ask, “What is the nature of wisdom? What can it do? How can it overcome the deepest levels of foolishness?”

Move from the practical to the theoretical and you’ll be able to move back to the practical more effectively.

So what dissonance do you hear? What gets under your skin? Where are you cringing and recoiling? What strength is being thwarted?

How does it reflect your talent?

Begin to ask, “In what way can my strength overcome even this?”

Don’t just get mad. Get wise.

If it drives you crazy, it reflects your talent.

Leverage that.