THIS is What your Confusion is Telling You...


You know that sleepy feeling you get when you're really sad? Yeah, me too. Grief is wearing on us, body and soul. Sleep is both physical necessity and mental respite. When life hurts, our bed becomes the non-threatening, utterly controllable hug that we need in a world gone mad.

Then the day comes when you know... you must rise and find a place for your grief inside your real life. After all, you have a life to live and people who need you. In fact, we know that something has gone awry in our grief when we know it's time rise, but we can't. The calls of others for us to wake up, to rise, to please rise, feel both hollow and guilt-producing.

When grief turns to depression and we can't wake up, it's time for help.

Here's the thing though. Just as sleep has various stages and layers physically, there are various stages and layers to soul-sleep. In some areas of your life you might be fully awake, seeking insight, and growing madly. In another area you might have a significant degree of unconsciousness.

Well, really, it's not a might it's a for sure. No matter how much we strive, we're always missing something. We're always waking up, become more aware, because there's always more to understand.

So how do you know what you don't know? How do you become conscious of unconsciousness?


How do you know where your soul is still sleeping?



Specifically, the confusion that you're aware of, but also trying to ignore, because, well, you're just not sure you have what it takes to face it. The calls to deal with it ring hollow even as they produce guilt. You just can't wake up, and you wonder if maybe, it's time for help.


Wake up O, sleeper. It's time to rise. After all, you have a life to live and people who need you.

No worries, I make great coffee.


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