Why You Need to Stop Avoiding Chaos and Start Planning for It

Do you plan for chaos? You should. Here's why.

Ever thought about how much energy you put into avoiding chaos and disorder? We organize our closets, our drawers, our papers, our schedules, and our people. Or, if we don't, then we use up a great deal of energy feeling guilty for everything we didn’t effectively organize. 

Don’t organize, don’t plan, don’t control? That eventually leads to chaos and chaos interrupts. Chaos is something we try to avoid because we see it as a hindrance to our plans, goals, hopes, and desires.

But what if that's an illusion?

What if chaos is only a hindrance to us because we view chaos as an obstacle rather than a gift? What if the plans, goals, hopes, desires and timing that we’re so confident are exactly right for us—aren’t?

Accepting times of chaos as unavoidable is certainly a good thing. If you think of times of disruption, disorder, and turmoil as a problem that can be avoided, then you'll continue being shocked and emotionally shredded by them. Acceptance will certainly help you be more flexible and peaceful when there’s a sudden plot twist in your life.

Better than accepting chaos though, is embracing it.


Embracing times of chaos as a gift is an act of humility.


It reveals and even produces an understanding that even in all of your self-awareness and wisdom, times of chaos are still beneficial to shake you up and wake you up, to get you to consider, and to reconsider things in a new light. Or a new dark.

If you plan for chaos, if you learn to make mental and emotional space for the unexpected, the uncomfortable, the unwelcome, you don't have to white-knuckle through it. And you don't have to feel behind because it's put a kink in the hose of your personal growth flow.

If you plan for chaos, then you're poised to grow through it rather than only after it. Presence, rather than hindsight...and it all begins with foresight. If you plan for chaos, then when it comes, well, it feels planned.


And don’t you love it when a plan comes together?