Do You Have True Self-compassion or Mere Sympathy?

Do You Have True Self-compassion or Mere Sympathy?

Do You Have True Self-compassion or Mere Sympathy?



Compassion is a comforting thing, but only if you’re the recipient of it. For the one feeling compassion, it’s far from a warm fuzzy. Compassion is painful. Compassion isn’t mere sympathy. It’s driven sympathy.


wherever there’s drive, there’s resistance.


The deeper the compassion, the more determination there is to do something about it. It’s easy to claim compassion, but true compassion results in something happening or changing. If it’s only a feeling that is easily dismissed or avoided then it’s not very deep or real. It might be pity or sympathy, but it’s not true compassion.

Deep compassion is ruthless against all enemies that would thwart its expression. Deep compassion is not like a car hitting a wall at high speed. It doesn’t stop and crumble. Deep compassion is like water hitting a wall, it divides and goes around, or over, or under. It finds every crack and breach and keeps moving. Even if it’s stopped for a time, it keeps flowing and eventually gains the strength to break through whatever is blocking it.

Shallow compassion easily evaporates.

Deep compassion cuts a path to the finish line of expression.

Whether the compassion is for others or for yourself, deep compassion doesn’t neglect, avoid, resist, or deny problems; it seeks to solve them. 



relentlessly deep flowing water.


Do you pity yourself, have mere sympathy for yourself, or do you have true compassion for yourself that moves you to action? How deep is that compassion? When you consider your problems, losses, puzzles, and blocks, do you stop and crumble, or set it on the shelf as impossible? Or do you hit a wall and flow by flexing, dividing, and creating new paths?

Lacking the drive to tackle your problems or pursue your dreams?

Don't numb your self-compassion, deepen it.