How to Translate Your Pain Into Growth

There are Four Important Distinctions of Growth

  • The Call to Growth

  • The Process of Growth

  • Actual Growth

  • The Benefits of Growth

Muddle these up and you end up with screwy paradigms for what growth is, how to attain it, and how to measure that attainment.

Most people see the call to growth as something like, "my desires" or "my goals" or "this problem I need to solve."

The process of growth is usually seen as "whatever works for me."

Actual growth is often never defined apart from the benefits of growth. The problem solved. The goal reached. The desired fulfilled.



Pardon Me While I Rearrange Things a Bit



  • PAIN is the Call to Growth

  • Seeking Meaning is the Process of Growth

  • Actual Growth is the Attainment of Meaning

  • The Benefits of Growth are often Accomplishment, Problem-Solving, Pain Relief, and Fulfilled Desires, etc.

In other words, pain is a gift. Soul-suffering is a call to seek the meaning you lack.

If, however, you're stuck on the wheel-of-vanity that is chasing goals, pain is seen as merely another hurdle to overcome.

If you're generally not aware of your need for conscious growth because you're not "ambitious," pain is seen as either a problem to solve or something to endure.

If you're aware of your need for meaning yet lacking a clear path to seek it, pain is seen as a meaningless inevitability and justification for despair.

Our biggest problem of pain is not pain itself. It's that we see pain as something to relieve instead of a call to answer.

Want your pain to translate into growth? Step into an effective process for seeking meaning.