The Most Critical Decision Point in Your Personal Growth

The Most Critical Decision Point in Your Personal Growth

The Most Critical Decision Point in Your Personal Growth



Here's how it goes. The storm hits. The problem arises—again. The same conflict or hurt is repeated. Or maybe some Yo-Yo Inspiration Merchant on the internet says something insightful or gives you hope you weren't asking for. Something happens, and suddenly, or subtly, The Big Question or Deep Hurt gets dredged up from basement of your mind where you'd hoped it would stay.

Perhaps it's an event, and you have a full-fledged crisis on the outside, your life is in visible, tangible, turmoil. Or perhaps the crisis is only on the inside, invisible, but devastating. Either way, for an hour, or a day, or a week, or a year, you're in it.

So you do what's good and right and wise... you seek out support, and comfort, and help of whatever variety you need so that you can cope and manage until the crisis is over and life can go back to whatever your version of "normal" is.


Did you see it? The critical decision point?



Most of the time we don't notice the moment when we stop looking for support and instead settle for mere relief. We don't see the split-second when we shift from self-awareness that seeks understanding to soul-sleep that's just seeking comfort.

The most critical decision point in your personal growth is when you are still feeling the pain and confusion. It's when you're still acutely aware of the longing for understanding. It's when you're turning the questions over in your mind and wishing you knew the answers. 

Those are the moments when you can decide to stay awake, to stay conscious of the needs, even when the crisis passes.

Seek support. Seek relief. But remember that lasting peace isn't possible if you merely comfort that pain that keeps rearing up, robbing your stability. Emotional stability comes when you engage life with understanding.


Don't let your comforts lull you to sleep.  


In crisis or times of great uncertainty, be very mindful of your comforts and their purpose. They exist to support you in dealing with life, not to help you check out of it. Support is progressive. Checking out is recessive.

Stay awake, because if you don't, that storm is surely coming around again.