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The world’s in a hurry so I’ll cut to the chase.


A meaningful life doesn’t just happen.

Problems don’t just go away.

Time does not heal.

In fact, seeking to solve problems and heal pain is your path to growth and a meaningful life.



New here? Hi. I'm Susan Wilkinson, Architect of The Curated Soul.

I design short-but-intense, independent personal growth courses for thoughtful, caring, driven, meaning-seekers. Because sometimes, right in the midst of heartache, frustration, and isolation, you need a safe, easy, organized way to rethink what you think, question what you believe, increase your self-awareness, and find a path forward to making your life and work matter.


Your life isn’t just about where and when you were born, what you did, who you loved, and how you died.

More important than the details of your tangible existence is the truth about your internal experience.

What were you taught to believe?

What caused you to question those beliefs?

What did you feel and do when you found yourself in doubt?

How did you resolve, or not resolve, your questions?

How did you change?

Where did you end up?

Your life is the story of your spiritual journey.

Stories have beginnings, middles, and ends.


Your spiritual journey begins with where and when you’re born and what you’re taught by those who raise you within your culture and subcultures.

The middle of your journey is your adult life and encompasses both the mundane and the dramatic. It holds your Big Life Events, but more importantly it holds the real plot twists in your story, the times you were challenged to question or rethink the things you’ve been taught to believe.

These are times of spiritual transition that you either use as great opportunities to grow, or not.

Your greatest opportunity for growth is when you’re in doubt.

These are the times you can fall into one of two mistakes—ignore your doubts and double-down on your beliefs because you fear losing reputation, relationships, and support. Or burn it all down, tossing everything and looking for a new community of those who share your skepticism.

The Curated Soul … a middle way.

When you’re seeking deeper meaning, questioning your beliefs, or trying to decide where you belong, you need a safe, easy, organized way to rethink things.

• a way to see the big picture frame around the details of your story.

• a clear way to choose what you will and won’t believe and to know why.

• a way to heal and develop at the same time.

• a way to feel your personal power when you’re feeling oppressed or weak.

• a way to learn how to seek meaning in all its forms.

• a way to see where you really are and where you want to go from here.

Here, through the lens of personal growth, you can.

Independently. Privately. Safely.

If you’ve given up magical thinking that things are going to start going your way…

If the idea of working at your own pace is attractive…

If you want to know how to grow without the pressure to accomplish…

If you’re looking for clarity, reasonable certainty, and depth of meaning…

You’re in the right place.


Independent Growth requires self-awareness


Self-awareness is a personal growth industry buzzword that is simultaneously overused and misunderstood. Its meaning has been minimized so much that it’s lost its true impact. To be self-aware is much more than understanding your personality type, personal preferences, or goals. It encompasses what you believe, how you feel, and why you do what you do. It is both reflective of who you are, and creative of who you will become.

Gaining self-awareness requires the input of others, because none of us sees ourselves clearly without feedback. So self-awareness takes listening to others. But first it takes listening to yourself. When you listen to yourself first, hearing your pain, doubts, fears, and dreams, you are much more open to hear the perspective of someone else without defensiveness.

The best time to get new self-awareness is when you’re most willing to stop and listen to yourself, and that’s when you’re in some kind of emotional discomfort. Those are the times when you feel challenged by life, or failure, times when you wish you had someone or something that could just fix it.

The pain, or the frustration, or the loneliness.

The regret, or the despair, or the seeming randomness of it all.

The secret doubts about what you say you believe.

Or maybe it’s the fear of never being seen, never making an impact, not living a life that really matters.

When you’re in that kind of pain, or longing, you’re ready to listen. You’re ready to know and understand yourself a lot better. You’re ready to grow independently.

Careful curation makes for fascinating museums and powerful souls.