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    Are you poised for big growth and don't know it?

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Your Story is Driven by a Series of Transitions

...that you may never see.


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A personal growth transition exists where something is changing in your inner life for better or worse. It might accompany an external change, but not necessarily, and probably not even most of the time.

Intentional transitions help you reach what you know can be. And in the painful or frustrating places of your life, they make you an active writer and editor of your story, rather than a mere observer.


The Curated Soul helps those who live a lifestyle of conscious personal growth harness the power of internal transitions.


Transitions are recognized by emotions not events.


Loss, confusion, frustration, feeling dismissed. Feelings like these signal times of internal transition when your story is primed for change and ready for you to begin crafting your turning point.

These opportunities for breakthroughs are not always obvious, accompanying a big change or a new development. More often they're found in the subtle shifts, the consequences of new understanding or fresh awareness of deep unfulfilled desires.

Entering into conscious transformation during these times can translate loss into meaning, confusion into insight, and rejection into connection.

Even when it doesn't feel like it, you are most powerful to direct your growth in times of internal transition.

So ask yourself, is how I feel on the inside the experience I want to have? If the answer is no, you're in the right place.


A life without conscious transitions a life lived in retrospect

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Transitions happen whether we're paying attention to them or not, whether we're trying to avoid them or not. Too often we only see them from the rear view mirror.

We may not recognize them when we're experiencing them, but only after the consequences of passing through are revealed as either a remarkable success, or a spectacular failure.


Whether we've stumbled into a rewarding transition or ended up with our lives in pieces, life without conscious transitions is living life in retrospect. 

The Curated Soul helps you exchange hindsight for foresight by showing you how to recognize transitions in your story when they're happening and to leverage them into progress


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Why Transitions are Hard to See

(or maybe just engage)


We don't experience life in the black and white, but rather in dappled light, with tones of color and shades of gray. Even when we're in deep pain, there can be parts of our lives that are maturing and bearing fruit, and other parts that are growing and thriving. It's easy to stay focused on what is beautiful and strong, ignoring or minimizing the bits that are dying in the dark.

Ironically, the more capable we are, the easier it is to sink down into strengths and neglect what needs our conscious and focused attention. When you are strong, you like to feel strong and be seen as strong.

The question is, how can you acknowledge, maintain, and use your strengths while still addressing deep pain, chaos, and discomfort?

The answer is both simple and easy: By making conscious space for all of it.

That begins by recognizing that transitions aren't all the same. When you distinguish between them and understand what kind of self-awareness you need to transition with confidence, you CAN continue feeling strong and capable (because you are) while still working effectively on what needs attention, or exploration.


Rather than ignoring or avoiding the unlovely parts of our lives because they make us feel or seem weak, we need to create a way for healing and growth that makes us feel safe and competent.

That's where the three paths of The Curated Soul come in. These paths create the space you need to be both certain and strong while also being uncertain and seeking.


Self-Examination Path

One of the most difficult transitions to go through is loss. It can be losing something you had or feeling loss because of something you can't or don't or shouldn't have. Navigating these sorts of transitions are crucial to living a meaningful story and avoiding a painful life of coping and consequences.


Self-Leadership Path

New self-awareness can easily become irrelevant noise if you don't know how to use it. How do you put it to work? How do you transition from confusion to insight while avoiding self-sabotage as you pursue all of your varied, complex, and sometimes conflicting desires?


Self-Expression Path

Learning how to represent the insights you've gained and values you hold dear so that it connects with others is one of the most gratifying transitions you'll experience. Powerful influence includes both a clear message and the distinct vibe of your talent. Both can be developed when you know how.


When you take the right path you can:


  • craft your own turning point instead of being carried along by others or circumstances
  • continue feeling strong and capable even when you're dealing with significant pain
  • get through transitions faster, easier, and with stable hope and joy

Which path do you need to get your story moving? Find out.

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You can wait. But...

Why Now?


By nature, times of transition are two things...

...powerful and transient.

They are powerful because they contain incredible and natural energy for solving problems, opening to insight, and gaining the clarity that we seek. That energy doesn't last though. It passes with the transition whether we've been aware of it, or successful in it, or not.


Where you're transitioning right now (and perhaps don't even realize it) is the most powerful place for you to grow in this moment. It holds the most potential for a positive turning point in your story.

If you want to discover where your natural energy for change lies right now, enter your email below and I'll send you a complimentary experience-appraisal that will show you which path is best for you in this moment.