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How to work with me


Three Ways to Work with Me Right Now

I’m currently creating the first two independent personal growth intensives for The Curated Soul. While that’s in progress, I’m available for personal growth consultation in three ways. All of these options come with a complimentary one hour pre-work session to make sure I’m a good fit for you and to get as far as we can. If the hour is all you need to get what you’re looking for then, hey, good for you. It’s still free. If it’s not quite enough, then here are some other options.

  1. Consultation for a particular personal growth problem.

    I can work with you via phone or email, whichever is most comfortable for you. This is consultation/dialogue only. I’m not a counselor or coach, but I am great at flipping the script on stale problems and pointing you in a new direction.

    My fee is $80/hr, hour payable as soon as we agree to work together.

  2. A personalized tool to help you get unstuck.

    If you need more than a consult and dialogue I can create a personalized personal growth tool just for you. This would be delivered via a private portal on my website and you’d be able to download it and take it with you.

    The fee for this is dependent on your needs. Generally, $75-150 flat rate payable before delivery.

  3. Feedback on your writing or product.

    I work with those who are often doing good work of their own. If you like my work, the way I think, or how I design, and you’d like my take on your thing, I will give honest and useful feedback. Fee is dependent on complexity and level of feedback desired. I’ll quote you a price at the end of our free consult.

Also… Design

I also do some particular types of design work as my schedule allows. You can read more about that on my design page. If design help is all you’re interested in, please use the form on that page. If you want personal growth help and design help then you can check both below.

That’s it! If you’re interested, fill out the form below. It comes straight to me and I’ll get back to you shortly to schedule your free hour.